Water Projects – Penny Battery


IPRO 397-350: Interprofessional by Design: Innovating Solutions to Global Health & Well-Being Challenges

Sumaoy is small fishing village in an island filled with incredible natural beauty and resources. It has a population of 2,100 people; of which over half are children. Its main source of income is fishing

The problem this team faced is a Diesel generator is broken with no one to fix it. Adults and children are living without any power. Kerosene lamps are lit at night, which increase chances of fires because houses are made of bamboo and wood. People need an energy source to increase standard of living.

The proposed solution to this problem is to make battery powered lamps to replace the dangerous kerosene ones. These lamps would use a copper zinc battery cell that relies on the oxidation reduction reactions between the copper and zinc to generate electricity.


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