Water Projects

Covering over 70% of the earth and being essential to life, water is a topic that continues to be of interest to many industries and disciplines – particularly in the realm of innovation and design. Over the years IPRO projects have focused on water through a variety of contemporary lenses: accessibility, quality, health, transport, farming, urban planning, disaster mitigation and sustainability. The IPRO program is committed to continuing the exploration of water as an inspiration for innovation and helping make the world a better place.


Damn the Dam Fall 2016




Air Conditioning Condensate Summer 2016




Permacago Fall 2016




Clean water samouy Fall 2016




Sol Still Fall 2016




Thirst Quenchers Poster image

Thirst Quenchers Fall 2016




Large Scale Water Desalination Spring 2016




Penny Battery Poster image

Penny Battery Fall 2016




Water Works Fall 2016




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