Twisha Shah-Brandenburg


Adjunct Faculty


Master of Design

IIT Insitute of Design

Bachelor of Fine Arts(B.A), Visual Communication



For over 15 years, Twisha has been working in the human-centered design space for brands and non-profit organizations. She has had numerous design roles ranging from exhibit design, communication, user experience research, and design planning. These different practices’ cumulative effect has made her an empathetic and compelling storyteller and strategist.

She currently is a lead designer at Venmo, where she creates products in commerce that affect the day to day life of 65 million customers. In this role, she helps her product and business partners see how they can plan refined and compelling products that add value to existing customers. At the same time, she develops elegant solutions that continually differentiate Venmo from every other fintech company. 
She helps organizations internally align around the right moments in their customer journey across channels/departments to ultimately create more targeted user-centered solutions that help their businesses grow and thrive during this time of digital transformation.
In addition to being a practitioner, she teaches classes at the undergraduate and graduate levels in design planning and innovation. She is excited about mentoring and developing the next generation of practitioners that can identify where users and business needs overlap to create more holistic solutions.
She has a Master’s degree in design methods from the Institute of Design, IIT, and a Bachelor’s in Visual Communication from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

What I love about IPRO

I love that the iPro courses that I teach help students with the ability to collaborate. As a technology practitioner, I find that this is such an important skill to be successful and is one that young professionals struggle with when they graduate. Besides, I love learning new and fresh perspectives from students about their values, their use of technology and how they learn. It helps me elevate my craft and reflect on being a better mentor to the next generation. 

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