Weekly Reporting Documents: Meeting Agenda, Meeting Minutes and Weekly Progress Report

Weekly reporting documents assist teams in tracking progress and organization of both the individual and team effort across time. As teams progress, both individual and team planning and reporting can help identify both strengths and weaknesses within the team.

The following weekly reports are suggested for IPRO teams:

Meeting Agenda
The meeting agenda is the meeting plan. It lays out the topics that need to be discussed and the tasks that need to be accomplished in the given meeting time. The meeting agenda provides structure to the meeting. It is often written in an outline format with an assigned time for each section and brief notes under each section. Include your team’s meeting agendas for both team meetings and sponsor meetings. Each agenda should be labeled with a header that includes the date and the purpose of the meeting.

IPRO Team Meeting Agenda Example

Meeting Minutes
Meeting minutes reflect the topics discussed, the critical decisions made, and the tasks accomplished in the meeting. It provides a chronological, detailed explanation of the meeting events. The meeting minutes provide a structured report and record of the meeting so that team members who were not present can be updated in team events. The minutes also provide a record for future teams. They often follow the agenda format with more detailed notes under each section.

Include your team’s meeting minutes for both team meetings and sponsor meetings. They should all be labeled with a header that includes the date and the purpose of the meeting.

All meeting minutes should include members/guests present or note absences of team members. Minutes should also be posted to your team’s Google Group in a timely manner for team review.

Weekly Minute Sample

Meeting Minutes Template

Weekly Progress Report
Each team member should complete a weekly progress report at the end of every week. This report is used to assess the status of each team member in relation to their assigned tasks. It includes an explanation of the tasks that have been completed, the tasks that are currently being worked on, and the tasks that will be worked on over the next week, along with the hours spent on each task. The weekly progress report should also include any communication that the student made throughout the week. This communication can be with other team members, the faculty, the sponsor or others involved with the project. The report also includes any barriers that the student is facing and needs to overcome before continuing. Weekly status reports facilitate discussion during team meetings and also facilitate effective project management.

It is useful to compile all the individual student weekly reports into a team weekly report that is shared with the faculty member and sponsor. By doing this, the faculty member has more information to use in grading students and the sponsor is able to see what progress or problems the team is having and is able to provide feedback accordingly.