Budget Guidelines

Requesting a Budget from IPRO

A budget request should be submitted to ipro@iit.edu. It is advised that one team member is designated to submit the budget request through your team’s project plan. Please explain the purpose of the expense in detail.

Bad Explanation: Need $300 for Prototyping Expenses
Better Explanation: Need $300 for

  1. 10 6′ 2×4’s to build outer structure of prototype ($100)
  2. Super Glue to hold together prototype ($100)
  3. Sensor attached to prototype to detect movement ($100)


Please purchase necessary materials/supplies/services through IPRO.  To make a purchase request, please go to http://ipro.iit.edu/students and click the Purchase Request Form.

We recommend the following vendors since we receive fast and free shipping from them:

You will be notified when the items arrive for your team to pick up.

Keep in mind the following purchasing guidelines:

  • There will be a strict $10 per IPRO team member limit on team-building expenses.
  • Most travel in the Chicago area (i.e., to a sponsor location) is reimbursable. See Reimbursement below. Travel outside of the Chicago area is not supported by IPRO.
  • Supplies and materials may NOT be purchased to be permanently utilized at an off-site location. Supplies and materials must be used only to fulfill the academic objectives of the IPRO course (i.e., developing a prototype to show on IPRO Day) and will need to be returned to the IPRO Office after IPRO Day.
  • All durable (non-disposible) items bought by IPRO must be returned to the Idea Shop at the end of the semester.
  • We do our best to process your purchase requests in a timely manner. To make sure that we can successfully do so, please make sure to use domestic (US-based) sources for your purchases.
  • Gift cards cannot be purchased by the IPRO Office, if your team has an unusual expense, contact the IPRO Office at ipro@iit.edu in order to work something out.


The IPRO Program does not encourage faculty or students to make IPRO purchases on their own. However, if it becomes necessary to do so, you should attain prior permission from the IPRO Program.

Once you have received permission from the IPRO Program to carry out a reimbursable purchase, you will then be emailed a check request form to complete and send back to ipro@iit.edu.

If you need reimbursement on travel, then please visit the Idea Shop and we will email you a travel expense report to complete and send back to ipro@iit.edu.

Requesting a Budget Report

Send an email to ipro@iit.edu, requesting a budget report for your IPRO team(s), and a budget report documenting how much you’ve spent will be emailed back to you.

Budgets for IPRO teams do not roll over from one semester to the next.


IPRO will not financially support fundraising activities of any team.