Spring 2012 IPRO Day Winners

Overall Track Winners

Track 1: Wind Power, Energy Storage, and Smart Grid
IPRO 323: Modeling of Building-Integrated Wind Energy Modules
Candace Wark (Armour College of Engineering)
Dietmar Rempfer (Armour College of Engineering)

Track 2: Mapping Applications & Infrastructure Planning
IPRO 303: WishMap
James Burstein (Stuart School of Business)

Track 3: Incubating Urban Agriculture & Other Ideas
IPRO 344: Urban Agriculture Business Development Network
Blake Davis (School of Applied Technology)

Track 4: Community Development & Service Learning
IPRO 333: Building Communities Through Coffee
Mazin Safar (School of Applied Technology)
Don Tijunelis (School of Applied Technology)

Track 5: Product & Process Innovations I
IPRO 350: ProSolutions — Prosthetic Solutions for the Working World
Kevin Meade (Armour College of Engineering)

Track 6: Product & Process Innovations II
IPRO 361: LegoArt: Creativity & Self-Expression for Urban Youth Development
Jim Braband (Stuart School of Business)

Track 7: IPRO 2.0
IPRO 397: SENSEation

Dean’s Choice Awards

College of Science and Letters presented by Dean Russell Betts
IPRO 304: Integration of Process Improvements

School of Applied Technology presented by Dean Bob Carlson
IPRO 321: Opportunities in New Commercial Energy Management Controls

Armour College of Engineering presented by Dean Natacha DePaola
IPRO 336: The Plant + IIT Farm

College of Architecture presented by Associate Dean Bob Krawczyk
IPRO 357: Redevelopment Planning for a Site in Cicero

College of Psychology presented by Dean Ellen Mitchell
IPRO 359: BRITE Table

Best Video Award

IPRO 343: Stationary Batteries for Load Shifting & Renewable Energy
Instructor: Blake Davis