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Almost since the inception of the Interprofessional Project (IPRO) course in 1995, the IPRO Day event has offered our interdisciplinary student teams the opportunity to showcase their accomplishments. Generations of IPRO teams have benefited from the participation of alumni and other professionals from the Chicago area – attending as Guests or Judges to provide valuable feedback to our students.

IPRO Day has traditionally been a wonderful opportunity to join colleagues who share a passion for experiential team-based education across the disciplines:

  • interacting with creative and passionate students collaborating to address the challenges of our times through user-centered design and other professional methods;
  • absorbing a diversity of concepts reflecting balanced breakthroughs across domains of technological, social and business innovation;
  • meeting faculty members to develop fresh insights across a diversity of research areas; and
  • exploring the Ed Kaplan Family Institute for Innovation & Tech Entrepreneurship, new home to the IPRO Program and Institute of Design, adjacent to Hermann Hall.

Please join us as a judge or guest at Spring 2019 IPRO Day on Friday, April 26th from 10 am to 1 pm in Hermann Hall at 3241 South Federal Street. The spectrum of topics to be showcased at IPRO Day on April 26th are described at Spring 2019 IPRO Projects.

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Spring 2018 IPRO Day Recognition Awards

Future IPRO Days:

2019: July 26  November 16

2020: April 24  July 31  November 13


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