Join us for IPRO Day!

Friday, July 27th from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm

Professionals from the Chicago area are invited to attend as Guests or Feedback Judges to provide valuable feedback to our students. IPRO Day is a great opportunity to network with other professionals who are passionate about education, engineering, and design while interacting with some of the most talented students in the U.S. and learning about cutting-edge research at IIT. The IPRO Day event is the culmination of IPRO team work via exhibits. See IPRO Team descriptions here: https://ipro.iit.edu/courses/current-projects/

If you are interested in being a judge in the Innovation Showcase, please contact Tom Jacobius at jacobius@iit.edu or 312-567-3986

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Spring 2018 IPRO Day Winners

Upcoming IPRO Days

Fall 2018: November 16th

Spring 2019: April 19th

Summer 2019: July 26th

Fall 2019: November 22nd


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