I Course Pilot

We are currently running a pilot of the I Course concept. This pilot project will be initiated and completed within the F2019-S2020 semesters. Planning may occur during the S2019 and M2019 terms.

In this pilot project, up to 3 credits of Core Curriculum IPRO requirements may be satisfied by I Courses, which may also satisfy program major requirements. Students who use I Courses for this purpose may need to take additional free electives courses in order to satisfy the total credit hour requirement of the Core Curriculum. The total credit hour requirement of the Core Curriculum remains unchanged. In this pilot project, 

I Courses may not be used to satisfy any Core Curriculum requirement other than IPRO.
To initiate an I Course, degree programs or academic units will submit an I Course proposal to the UFC IPRO Committee. This committee will assess, prior to offering, all proposed I Courses for content that satisfies the Core Curriculum requirements for IPRO, as established by the UFC IPRO Committee. At the completion of each I Course, the UFC IPRO Committee will evaluate the extent to which each actual I Course met the delivery of content, as described in the corresponding I Course proposal.

Following the completion of each I Course, offered under this pilot project, the UFC IPRO Committee will deliver a report which contains the post-course evaluation of the I Courses. Said report shall be delivered to the UGSC and the UFC no later than one month in the semester (Fall/Spring) that follows the completion of the I Course. During the S2020 semester, the UFC IPRO Committee shall submit a pilot project interim report to the UFC and UGSC to facilitate a decision for continuation of the I Course offerings in the F2020 semester. A final pilot project report shall be submitted to the UFC and the UGSC no later than 30 days after the start of the F2020 semester. Decisions to extend or cancel the pilot project are at the discretion of the UFC, based upon recommendations from the UGSC.

For the Spring 2020 semester, there are two courses being offered in the I Course Pilot.

CAE 470 – Construction Methods and Cost Estimating
The role of estimating in construction contract administration. Types of
estimates. Unit costs and production rates; job costs. Preparing bid for
complete building project using manual methods and the CSI format;
checking quantity take-off and cost estimating in selected divisions using a computer package. 
ARCH 497-05 Analysis, Generative Design, Prototyping, and Fabrication
Independent study of projects and problems. Students must be advised
and have consent of the instructor and approval of the dean. 

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