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# of students on team x $30 e.g. 5 students = $150 
Your IPRO instructor must approve the purchase. You can then make the purchase and we will reimburse you. 
1. Fill out this form.
2. Submit your receipt to the IPRO Office 
Bring in your receipt(s) to the IPRO office
Include your name and IPRO # written on the back:
• In-store receipts must be in original form (do not submit copies or email scans)
• Online receipts can be emailed but must indicate the last four digits of credit card 
You cannot get reimbursed 
The accounting office is usually pretty quick, but depending on the time of year, it could take up to a month to receive a check in the mail. 
Before you dig into your team’s budget, please consider items we may already have in stock in the Idea Shop for you to check out – we have various prototype materials in the Idea Shop that we are happy to lend out to you.


At the end of the semester, IPRO teams participate in the IPRO Day event by showcasing their semester long project. An IPRO Day exhibit may include prototypes, posters, videos and other multi-media elements, and other creative interaction methods as appropriate. Professionals from the Chicago area serve as judges or are invited as guests to visit exhibits and offer IPRO teams an opportunity to share their methods and project outcomes. IPRO teams are organized by themes, with the top-ranked teams recognized at the IPRO Day closing ceremony. The Deans of IIT colleges also visit IPRO Day exhibits and select an IPRO project that they feel merits recognition. All IPRO teams are expected to exhibit their project at IPRO Day. 
Friday April 20th (10am-12pm)
Every team gets one six-foot table to display their poster and prototype
Contact the IPRO office to request a unique setup.
Dress professionally (e.g. like you would for an interview). There
will be many company representatives in attendance, this is a great
opportunity to network and make connections, try to look your best.
24 x 36 or 36 x 24, please be sure your file is this size before submitting it.
Powerpoint is a popular software that does a good job. If you are more advanced and software savvy, InDesign or Illustrator are also popular poster making programs.
The IPRO office will print your poster for you. Save your poster as a PDF, with the correct dimensions. Then upload your PDF via the IPRO Manager App. You will receive an email to pick up your printed poster in the Idea Shop.
All posters are printed on sticky-backed paper (it works like a giant sticker). Please watch this video to see how to mount your poster properly. If done carefully, this is very easy and the result will be seamless.
You will receive an email notifying you that your poster has been printed and is ready to be picked up in the Idea Shop.  

Idea Shop

The general hours are 10am-7pm MTHF. If you want to make an appointment to use the equipment in the lab, please contact Patrick Karnia at 

Still have questions? Please contact Rima Kuprys at

Faculty and Advisors

IPRO is an interdisciplinary project-based course designed to achieve a defined set of learning objectives and serve our undergraduate students in fulfilling their two-IPRO (six-credit-hour) general education requirement. Students have the opportunity to showcase their work each semester at IPRO Day (attended by alumni, faculty, staff, potential employers, and university leadership).
IPRO offers an environment to help students develop the discipline, leadership, and communication skills to succeed within a multidisciplinary group. The IPRO experience is intended to compliment a student’s deep experience in their major, providing a set of methods, tools, experiences, and faculty references that make them distinctive (compared to their peers from other universities) in the market.
Teamwork: How to be an effective member of an interdisciplinary team, adding expertise of the student’s discipline, and working on topics broader than any one major field.
Communication: How to effectively communicate the technical and non-technical aspects of a project to key stakeholders.
Logically correct reasoning: How to generate a hypothesis using inductive logic and then prove/disprove it using deductive logic.
Project management: How to deliver a desired, planned outcome with time and resource constraints.
Ethics: How to act ethically when conducting research, working in teams, and creating solutions.
Students may take an IPRO at any point in their academic career but we encourage that they register for one as a junior and another as a senior (4th and 5th years for architecture majors).
Students should review the IPRO options (available on the IPRO website) and identify two or three top possibilities. Visiting IPRO Day is a good way to learn about what IPRO teams do, specific projects that might be offered, and what students can derive from the experience.
We encourage students to take the IPRO 397 course as their first IPRO option which lays a strong foundation for the second IPRO 497 project. However, students taking their first IPRO course can also freely choose from the other IPRO 497 section options as well.
Students should not to take two IPRO courses in the same semester, unless there are extreme circumstances.
There are two instances where a student can waive the IPRO course requirement:
For part-time students working full-time:
• A waiver must be submitted to the Office of Educational Services including a resume and documentation of work experience that developed communication and leadership skills, as well as an awareness of economic, marketing, ethical and social issues within the framework of a multidisciplinary team project that is verified by the employer.
For ROTC students:
• The student must be enrolled in one of the three ROTC programs for their junior and senior year.
• The students must actively participate in their respective units for a minimum of 3 semesters.
• The student must attend their respective service’s required summer training any time after the sophomore year.
• Each student must still complete the minimum number of credit hours required for their major. 

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