Welcome to the Interprofessional Project (IPRO) course information page to support student registration and share the diversity of the IPRO experience with guests. The diversity of topics, instructors, sponsors and community partners you discover here reflect the value of the IPRO project to students from across Illinois Tech’s professional programs. Students review the IPRO registration updates below, and then scroll down to click on the Future Courses link at the bottom of this page.

New for Spring 2019: IPRO Course Description & Registration Instructions

The Interprofessional Project (IPRO) inspires collaborative innovation. The IPRO course offers students experience in tackling a semester-long open-ended challenge as part of an interdisciplinary team. Project topics reflect the diversity of the workplace, thereby offering a wide range of choices for students to apply knowledge from their disciplines, and tackle a challenge that fits their career interests, passion or experience. Regardless of which IPRO topic students choose, the IPRO experience develops skills in team processes, open-ended problem solving, project management, communication, and consideration of user-centered, cultural, ethical, business and technological issues. The IPRO project descriptions found via the Future Courses link below give students the insights to make informed decisions that can result in the best possible IPRO experience. 

Concentrating IPRO Sections in Two Major Day/Time Slots Offers Students More Freedom of Choice by Avoiding Other Course Conflicts.

  • New for spring 2019, the vast majority of IPRO sections are now listed in one of two timeslots: Thursday evening and Friday morning. Within each of these prime timeslots, we offer on the order of 20 IPRO team section topics. This offers a much wider array of choices within two timeslots to minimize conflict with other courses. We aim to attract students to topics that best fit their disciplines, experience, career interest and passion.
  • To accommodate students who may not be able to take a Thursday evening or Friday morning IPRO course, we are also offering IPRO sections on Monday morning, Tuesday afternoon, Tuesday/Thursday evening, and Thursday morning.
  • The previous IPRO 397 section workshop topics (product design, digital design, global challenges, urban livability) are now included as choices available through the new IPRO 497 section offerings on Friday mornings to all students as their first or second IPRO class.

Making the Best IPRO Selection. Students planning to take an IPRO class should review the following to make the most informed decision possible that can lead to the best possible IPRO experience:

  • Carefully review the descriptions of IPRO section choices within each of the Monday through Friday day/time slots available via the Future Courses link below. In particular, there is a tremendous array of choices on both Thursday evenings and Friday mornings to consider.
  • Register or waitlist for the IPRO section (predominantly on Thursday evenings or Friday mornings) that offers the topic of greatest interest to you and the opportunity to apply your discipline as part of a team.
  • Most students can register for their first choice of topics. However, as has been true since the IPRO course was established, we must (a) control the overall size and interdisciplinary composition of the teams (that is why it may appear that seats are available but there may be reserved seating to manage the number of students from a specific discipline) and (b) assure that a team has the disciplines critical to the project so it can be successful. Students may continue to waitlist for an IPRO section and may be accommodated.
  • On the first day of class, all students will hear a review of all topics being offered, including a few newly-added topics, so that they can make the best decision possible and either remain registered or move to another topic.

If there are any questions, please contact: Tom Jacobius ( or 312.567.3986) or Rima Kuprys ( or 312.567.3448).

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