Welcome to the Interprofessional Project (IPRO) course information page to support student registration and share the diversity of the IPRO experience with guests. The diversity of topics, instructors, sponsors and community partners you discover here reflect the value of the IPRO project to students from across Illinois Tech’s professional programs. Students review the IPRO registration updates below, and then scroll down to click on the Future Courses link at the bottom of this page.


The Interprofessional Project inspires collaborative innovation. The IPRO course offers students experience in tackling a semester-long open-ended challenge as part of an interdisciplinary team. Project topics reflect the diversity of the workplace, thereby offering a wide range of choices for students to apply knowledge from their disciplines, and tackle a challenge that fits their career interests, passion or experience. Regardless of which IPRO topic students choose, the IPRO experience develops skills in team processes, open-ended problem solving, project management, communication, and consideration of user-centered, cultural, ethical, business and technological issues. The IPRO project descriptions found via the Future Courses link below give students the insights to make informed decisions that can result in the best possible IPRO experience.


Students seeking an IPRO course for fall 2019 have two overall format options to choose from and several different themes/topics to choose from with different faculty teams and on different days/times:

Themed Workshop Format

  • Seven large themed IPRO workshop sections offering a variety of experiences to choose from on different days and times:
    • Energy & Environmental Sustainability: Toward a Sustainable, Resilient & Secure Future
    • Frontiers of Technological Innovation: Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality and Beyond
    • Public Safety Innovation: Awareness/Preparedness/Responsiveness/Recovery
    • Community Engagement & Social Innovation: Thinking Globally, Acting Locally (Two IPRO workshop sections offered on different days/times with different faculty team and with somewhat different emphases)
    • Designing Your Future: The Dragon Slayer Student Development Experience
    • Applying Principles of Entrepreneurship to the New Venture Development Challenge
  • Each of the above IPRO workshop sections:
    • has on the order of 100 students collaborating through 20 or so interdisciplinary teams;
    • meets in Kaplan Institute’s Tellabs Innovation Alley once each week;
    • benefits from a faculty team with a variety of expertise appropriate to the theme; and
    • satisfies both IPRO 397-xxx and IPRO 497-xxx course requirements across all academic units and degree programs.

I-Course Format

  • The IPRO Program has collaborated with academic units to create a new student option to satisfy one of the IPRO course requirements:
    • The Interdisciplinary Course, a.k.a., I-Course, is a prototype for fall 2019 and spring 2010 that is planned to be offered by a limited number of academic units; and
    • Academic units adapt an existing course to qualify it as an I-Course by integrating the open-ended interdisciplinary team problem solving that reflects the learning objectives of the IPRO course.
  • The I-Course
    • integrates students from the academic unit that offers it with students from other academic units that can contribute to the interdisciplinary problem solving challenge it represents;
    • has a special course designation from the academic unit offering it;
    • satisfies the IPRO 497-xxx course requirements across all academic units and degree programs; and
    • has more limited capacity than an IPRO workshop but will emulate the traditional interdisciplinary team project IPRO experience.

If there are any questions, please contact: Rima Kuprys ( or 312.567.3448 or Tom Jacobius ( or 312.567.3986)

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