Summer 2018 – 397-201: Study Abroad User-Centered Product Design Innovation Workshop at Beijing Institute of Technology

Meeting Day/Time
Session C (7/2 to 8/10) on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10:00 am to 1:10 pm
Daniel Chichester (ID) (
Appropriate Majors
Registration is by permit only and additional seats are no longer available.

[Registration for this IPRO study abroad section is via permit only and additional seats are no longer available. Registration is coordinated between the IPRO Program and IIT Admissions.]

This course fulfills the IPRO course learning objectives through teaching a user-centered, methods-driven process for designing and developing products. Students will work in small, interdisciplinary teams to conceive and design a simple product. Product concepts will be associated with the unique IPRO study abroad experience and thus may span travel-related products and/or products oriented to the culture and learning environment in China.

While special product design criteria will be established for this IPRO study abroad experience, in general, good products will:

  1. Solve for a real user need / address a real market (should be attractive to an existing company, venture fund, or NGO);
  2. Have ten parts or less (this is about the level of complexity that your team will be able to prototype);
  3. Can fit through a door (this is a good way to keep the scale of the product small); and
  4. Can be prototyped with the resources and funds available.

Product design naturally leverages the skills of mechanical engineers, architects, and aerospace engineers, but the class will be interesting and relevant to all disciplines and students interested in design, entrepreneurship, prototyping and product development. Final deliverables consist of a prototype that demonstrates the benefits of the concept and a preliminary business model for the idea.

There will be several teams organized within the class, with each team working on a student-developed idea. Teams will be formed based on common interests / passions during the second class. Most classes start with a very brief talk to share user-centered design methods followed by group work time. The Instructor and a Teaching Assistant (TA) meet with the teams to provide advice on process and content.

This IPRO study abroad experience occurs in summer 2018 Session C. The first and last weeks of the six-week session (weeks of July 2nd and August 6th) will be held in the IPRO Team Collaboratory space in IIT Tower, Room 7D3-1. The middle four weeks of the six-week session (weeks of July 9 through August 3) will be held at Beijing Institute of Technology, Beijing, China.

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