Spring 2019 5 Fridays – 497-523: BOSSA Platform: Sensor-Based Solution to the Indoor Location Challenge

Meeting Day/Time
Fridays from 1:50 to 4:30 pm
Carol Davids (ITM) (davids@iit.edu)
Appropriate Majors
This IPRO section enrollment is by permit only.

The team works in the IIT Real-Time Communications Lab to develop, test and describe the operation of a system that uses a smart phone application, an array of BlueTooth beacons and a database and its backend server that together are used to calculate and deliver the location of the person using the smartphone application to that application. This is the third semester in which this project is being offered and the goals are as follows:

(1) Test the code for the new RUUVI BLE beacons, that was written last semester and make any necessary changes  to enable the gateway devices (RedBears) to connect to them and receive their data. Deploy the RUUVI beacons in a campus building such as Crown Hall or Perlstein.

(2) Upgrade the Android phone code that was developed in a previous semester to enable it to receive the indoor location that is calculated by calls to the Location API running on the database’s backend server.

(3) Collect and analyze more test data using the Test Data Android application. We have analyzed the test data collected last semester and found that our location algorithm gave very good results.  The set of test data was small however. This semester we need to continue the collection in order to obtain and analyze enough data that we can publish the results in a paper to be produced as one outcome of the semester’s work.

(4) Demonstrate an end-to-end call from the Android phone to the Emergency Services Public Safety Answering Point in the RTC Lab. This call includes pop-up maps with the calculated location of the caller appearing as a moving dot on the maps. It also includes information about the temperature, humidity and air pressure in the surrounding area. We will do a public demonstration of the working system at the end of the semester using the beacons and gateways that we have installed in campus buildings.

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(5) If time permits, research the impact of running the indoor location algorithm with different parameter sets on the sets of test data already collected and new test data identified in (3) above.

(6) If time permits, develop new code for the system that would allow a fire chief or other person responsible for the safety of their first responders to track these responders within a building.



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