Spring 2019 5 Fridays – 497-513: Reimagining Vacant Shopping Malls for Adaptive Reuse Opportunities

Meeting Days/Time
Fridays 10:00 am to 12:40 pm
Bob Pontarelli (Undergraduate Education with expertise in architecture and urban planning)
Appropriate Majors
All interested students are welcome.

America’s shopping malls are closing at an alarming rate due to on-line commerce and changing patterns of consumption. Too often defunct shopping malls are replaced with suburban type development models such as sterile, repetitive single family “tract” housing, townhouses, apartments and or condominiums fronted with banal parking lots.

This IPRO project aims to challenge existing redevelopment models by applying town planning principles to existing vacant shopping malls. An actual empty mall will be thoroughly studied, re-planned, re-designed and re-visualized by the end of the semester and to present at the IPRO Day event.

Students will work in teams to thoroughly research small towns, small town planning, and existing real estate markets for opportunities that students may choose to focus on and develop. Historical cases studies will also be researched, analyzed and whenever possible, reapplied o create unique, desirable, sustainable communities based upon “incrementalistic” growth models (where master-planned small villages and towns grow according to need, demand and where actual construction matters the most).

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