Spring 2019 4 Thursdays – 497-410: Developing Insights that Support Net-Zero Energy Efficiency Improvement Strategies for Varied Built Environments

Meeting Day/Time
Thursdays from 6:25 to 9:05 pm
Electrical Contractors' Association of City of Chicago
Dan Tomal (INTM) (drtomal@aol.com)
Appropriate Majors
Architectural Engineering, Architecture, Business, Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Computer Engineering, Computer Information Systems, Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Engineering Management, Environmental Engineering, Industrial Technology & Management, Journalism, Mechanical Engineering, Political Science, Psychology

This open-ended problem is described by the fact that there are many old, energy inefficient buildings that need upgrading, but due to construction and regulations restraints there are not always viable, cost-effective solutions. These buildings pose an adverse conditions to environment and especially disabled people (poor or outdated access), and costly energy usage and expenses.

This IPRO team will become part of the 2019 (NECA) National Electrical Contractors’ Association Green Energy Competition. Last year our IPRO team entered the competition with submission of an energy audit proposal and won first place competing against 30 universities across the United States and Canada. Seven students from the IPRO team also competed in a Presentation against two other top universities at the NECA National Conference in Philadelphia as well as a poster competition and Outstanding NECA University student chapter of the year award.

The objective of this continuing IPRO project is to work with the IIT Office of Energy and Sustainability (and Electrical Contractors’ Association of City of Chicago (ECA) and conduct an energy audit that offers maximum Return on Investment (ROI) and most viable green, cost and energy efficiency for improvement (following the guidelines of the 2019 NECA Green Energy Competition). The top three universities will go to the 2019 NECA national completion in Las Vegas.

The IPRO team will continue to work with the IIT Office of Energy and sustainability (OCES) and ECA and compete using the guidelines of the 2019 NECA Energy Challenge by conducting an energy audit and preparing presentations and posters for the final report of recommendations including alternative energy analysis. Actual hands-on analysis using lumen meters and infrared tests equipment will be used. A detailed approach will be outlined and distributed by the NECA national committee.

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