Spring 2019 2 Tuesdays – 397-002: Innovation Science: Discover – Create – Solve (second through fifth year students are encouraged to join this IPRO experience)

Meeting Day/Time
Tuesdays from 1:50 to 4:30 pm
Jeremy Alexis (ID) (alexis@id.iit.edu) and Limia Shunia (ID) (mail@limiashunia.com)
Appropriate Majors
All interested students are welcome to participate in this special IPRO offering, including students in their second through fifth years.

Problem or Issue: The purpose of Innovation Science is to set us up to do things differently. Innovation Science is a set of practices that fosters exploration and problem solving skills for the future. As technology continues to advance at unprecedented rates, how can we assume leadership roles and steer the tech of the future — retool our lives — to benefit economies, societies and environments?

Objectives: Through this IPRO team project class, interdisciplinary teams of students will develop the experience to:

  • Investigate:  Gain understanding of the economic, cultural, & societal context for which teams will be proposing distinct solutions
  • Create:  Generate ideas and evaluate concepts based on criteria derived from the team’s collective insights and acquired intelligence
  • Make :   Build and test concepts, and then communicate a final solution to intended stakeholders and professional audiences.

Approach: Organized in interdisciplinary teams, students are encouraged to explore topics that reflect their passion, background and interest, guided through a set of sprints, i.e., one-to-two week activities, during the semester. Teams will define and effectively frame problems, gain knowledge of users and market needs, brainstorm ideas, transform ideas into distinct solutions, and build and test the solutions. By the end of this IPRO experience, students develop the acumen to break down complex problems into achievable activities and milestones, that, together, elevates the collective creativity of the team in ways that lead to innovative acts.

Course Downloads:

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