Spring 2018 – 497-324: Developing an Interactive Wall to Enhance the Student Experience at Illinois Tech

Meeting Day/Time
Thursdays from 1:50 to 4:30 pm
Daniel Chichester (ID) (dchichester@id.iit.edu) and Shilpa Rao (Undergraduate Education -- User-Centered Design) (shilpa@id.iit.edu)
Appropriate Majors
All interested students are welcome
Social Innovation

At Illinois Tech, many students appear to be unaware of most events on campus. This includes even prominent ones such as MTCC Late Niite at the McCormick Tribune Campus Center. It also seems to be true that students and visitors to the Mies Campus have difficulties in finding their way around unfamiliar parts of the campus even though our campus is fairly compact, orthogonal and flat. In addition, the diversity of campus inhabitants and visitors who represent so many generations and so many nationalities, while pretty amazing, contributes to the challenges of effective communication for all.

In Stage 1, Fall 2017, this IPRO project explored student communication, entertainment and aesthetic needs and campus life experiences as well as the communication needs of the IIT administration. From that several concepts for a campus Interactive Wall were created and evaluated by both students and IIT administration.

In Stage 2, Spring 2018, this class will make working concept prototypes and test the features quantitatively and qualitatively to determine a final prototype to be built for student use. We will make use of wire-framing, coding, plus qualitative and quantitative testing skills. We will focus on determining the range of functions available, the relative priorities of the information and functions, the rules for displaying certain kinds of information and the effects of different scenarios for the Interactive Wall.

Students with programing knowledge are encouraged to join this class. This is planned to be a hands-on class with lots of autonomy for programing teams. Also, students that want to design for human-computer interaction will have a lot to explore in this class as to the overall design and interactivity of the new Interactive Wall. Business majors are also encouraged to participate as there is a financial component to getting the Interactive Wall launched.

This is a student-initiated IPRO project proposed by Nina Tamras, Business Administration, that aims to contact and involve many Illinois Tech departments in making it a reality. There is already interest from the Office of Technology Services and the Office of Campus Life. Other partners could include Institutional Advancement and Alumni Relations, Facilities, Admissions, the One-Stop, and Campus & Conference Centers. There will be various user-centered design aspects of this project that will be challenging and can involve students from many disciplines to develop a solid approach that explores the MTCC wall’s technical feasibility, user desirability and business viability.

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