497-104: New Venture Development Concepts via User-Centered Design Methods

Meeting Days/Time
Thursdays from 10:00 to 12:40 pm
Kevin Denney (ID) (kdenney@id.iit.edu) and Eric Deaton (ID) (ericldeaton@gmail.com)
Appropriate Disciplines
Business Innovation

IIT students currently have a variety of individual entry points across the university for exploring their ideas, obtaining support and even forming a team to further develop their concepts. The purpose of this IPRO section is to inspire and encourage new venture concepts in a dynamic, multi-team workshop environment that cultivates interaction, serendipitous connections, breakthrough thinking, and a touch of competitive spirit.

This IPRO section will be organized in small, agile multidisciplinary teams. The teams will be guided through the application of user-centered design methods, with an overarching balance of attention to user desirability, technical feasibility and business viability. Teams that are formed will be guided through the innovation process that begins with problem/opportunity definition and research, emphasizes ethnographic research, identifies driving insights, inspires brainstorming and promotes iterative prototyping with user feedback.

The IPRO teams organized in this section will become relentless and tenacious in properly framing possibilities, methodical and self-disciplined in developing valid and reliable data and insights, and creative and opportunistic in recognizing and capitalizing on driving insights. The aim is to inspire collaborative innovation that creates value and a path forward for teams to advance their concepts.

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