Fall 2018 – IPRO 497-335: Elevate Bronzeville

Meeting Day/Time
Wednesdays from 10:00 am to 12:40 pm
Lisa Montgomery (Undergraduate Education) (lisa.montgomery@iit.edu)
Appropriate Majors
All interested students are welcome

The IPRO team will explore the common intersections of art, wellness, technology and music through the mapping of human interests as it relates to enlightenment. Currently, there are a variety of ways to engage these four areas independently through social media, fan clubs, clients and other platforms with a targeted focus, but there are limited opportunities to blend the experiences that they provide to encourage a maximized personal experience. IPRO meetings will use a variety of instruments (interviews, focus groups, surveys, etc.) to collect data on the emotional, physical and mental influence of these four areas. The results should reveal how students can use this data to create a harmonious environmental culture for art, wellness, technology and music.

The IPRO team will work in partnership with four Fellows associated with Illinois Tech’s office of Student Access to develop a model that will help individuals streamline common interests from these four areas. This model will stimulate self-care that can enhance their well-being. In an effort to curate information from these four areas, the team will be inspired to connect with the Bronzeville community. In addition, data collected from community participants will serve as the narrative for the development of this model. Furthermore, the collected data will be used to customize a participant’s experiences in order to enhance their quality of life.

This course will provide insight into the intersections of personal experiences on influencing change, understanding leadership from productive teamwork, and practicing independent thinking as an innovative process. Team members will:

  1. Practice and reflect on the effective use of leadership, teamwork, time-management, project management, and communication skills;
  2. Integrate different techniques and approaches to find a common variable through exploration of creativity and innovative modeling;
  3. Research and explain social awareness, by working with community related projects;
  4. Critique personal values and biases as related to self-awareness and self-care; and
  5. Strengthen writing and oral presentation skills through critical examination of experiences and articulation of outcomes.

Objective: The primary purpose of this IPRO project is to provide students with an analytical understanding of how research, collection and the dissemination of data on human interests can promote and enhance awareness, engagement and experiences through a centralized platform.  Participants will be able to gain additional knowledge in:

  • Inclusive Leadership
  • Human Centered Design
  • A System-Minded Approach
  • Exploration of Careers in the following fields:
    • Art
    • Health & wellness
    • Human sciences
    • Curating and designing
    • Museums and public works
    • Social entrepreneurship

Approach: Four individuals from the community will serve as subject matter experts in music, technology, art and wellness. They will be collaborating with the IPRO team during the semester to inform the broad discussion and activities around self-care. The IPRO class will be organized in teams support each area of interest and collaborate to incorporate findings into a solution. Different modes of classroom work will include field trips, speakers, interviews, observations, and other interactive modes that make learning and outcomes meaningful and interesting.

Course Downloads:

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