Fall 2018 – 497-205: Product Innovation: The Art & Necessity of Being Re-Purposeful (CANCELLED FOR FALL ’18)

Meeting Day/Time:
Mondays/Wednesdays from 6:25 to 7:40 pm
Mark McKinney (ARCH) (mmckinn5@iit.edu)
Appropriate Majors
Technological Innovation

Issue to be Explored:

(1) Conveying importance and value of:

(a) Process: advancing an idea to fruition

(b) Rigor: investing commitment, effort, focus, reflection

(c) Adaptability: establishing a point of view and a design approach

(d) Sustainability: of thought, product, environment and business

(2) Making something more from something else

Objective to be Addressed:

This IPRO project experience will:

(1) Embody all of the IPRO learning principles

(2) Explore the part-to-the-whole relationship in the process of design, making, branding

(3) Require the design and fabrication of a functioning, well-crafted, thoughtful product/device that has new, meaningful value

(4) Appreciate the responsibility of process, rigor, adaptability, sustainability

(5) Be relevant for students from all IIT colleges

Approach to be Followed:   

(1) Start with something that has had a previous useful life (that includes (a) through (d)):

(a) Minimum of one previously discarded material: wood, plastic, metal, paper, etc.

(b) Minimum of one previously discarded mechanical device/product: motor, operable hardware, prosthetic, etc.

(c) Minimum of one previously discarded digital/electronic device/product: phone, radio, beacon / sensor, etc.

(d) No more than 15 percent of total new product/device weight to be of new (not discarded) materials/devices (hardware, cladding, damage replacement, etc.)

(2) End with something more that has a new and useful future life (that represents (a)):

(a) A thoughtful, functional and meaningful product/device having value (as defined by the team)

Course Downloads:

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