Fall 2018 – 497-200: Advanced Product Design: Prototyping Toward Commercialization (Cancelled)

Meeting Day/Time:
Thursdays from 10:00 am to 12:40 pm
Ali Khounsary (PHYS) (akhounsa@iit.edu) and David Ofori-Amoah (ID) (ofori.d@gmail.com) in consultation with faculty specializations in business, psychology, law, computer science, etc.
Appropriate Majors
All interested students are welcome.

The focus of this IPRO class is on advancing the development, prototyping, and refinement of some of the most interesting, promising, and commercially viable product concepts identified in prior IPRO classes. The goal, therefore, is further development toward commercialization.

The IPRO instructrors will introduce a number of project ideas to the class. Based on student interests, interdisciplinary teams of three-to-five will be formed around projects of their liking — working together to transform the project ideas into prototypes that can lead to marketable products.  Here is a sample of topics:

  • Inexpensive automated watering of indoor plants (e.g., when on vacation)
  • Novel compact reusable shopping bag (to reduce waste)
  • Portable back massage device (for back pain)
  • Ultra-compact universal electric plug
  • Fast-cleaning juice extractor
  • Gloves for assisted gripping
  • Cane to assist walking and stair climbing
  • Robotic back massage

Given the variety of projects available, students from all disciplines are welcome to join this IPRO class and contribute in the areas of design, technology, aesthetics, user need, market opportunity, etc. The interdisciplinary teams will explore, develop, test, and evaluate advancements of the original concepts and ideas, and by the end of semester will determine the market opportunity for their prototyped products.

Course Downloads:

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