497-V18 Electrified Transportation for On-Road and Space Vehicle

52324 (Permit Required)
Meeting Day & Time
Tuesday 6:45-9:25 PM (Online)
Mahesh Krishnamurthy


Automotive companies such as Tesla and Faraday Future, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs),
autonomous vehicles are some of the areas that have made giant strides in recent years. Electrification has allowed fast and powerful operation in addition to substantial benefits inefficiency. However, this area is still in the development stage and has been very receptive to advanced design and innovation. This has created a major demand for engineers with practical, hands-on experience in system design and hardware development, leadership, and teamwork.
In this IPRO, students will work in two interdisciplinary teams towards two international student competitions- the Formula electric SAE racecar competition and the NASA Robotic Mining Competition. Students will get an opportunity to design and implement the two vehicles and compete in the international competition to be held in New Hampshire and Kennedy Space Center (Florida), respectively.

Both teams are divided into sub-groups including vehicle/robot design, component placement & aesthetics; aerodynamics; suspension; low voltage electronics and powertrain (including energy storage and electric motor). The teams will also carry out a business case evaluation to create a value proposition and attract sponsors towards the competition.

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