497-316 Developing Innovative Solutions by Leveraging the Power of Big Data & Social Media to Expand the Reach of the Kohl Children’s Museum within it’s Community

Meeting Days/Time
Fridays from 1:50 to 4:30 pm
Kohl's Children’s Museum
Twisha Shah-Brandenburg (ID) (shah.twisha@gmail.com) and Thomas Brandenburg (ID) (tbrandenburg@id.iit.edu)
Appropriate Majors
All interested students are welcome
Social Innovation

The Kohl Children’s Museum was founded to continue reaching educators and extend its service to meet the growing needs of families and the community at large through interactive exhibits and hands-on programs. (Refer to http://www.kohlchildrensmuseum.org/)

Given the plethora of options available in the edutainment space (educational entertainment) the museum isn’t always the first choice for family outings. Some of this can be attributed to the weather but another piece of this is the lack of awareness of the museum’s offering in the community that it sits within (Greater Chicagoland area)

IPRO meeting time will be used to explore how the museum might capitalize on channels such as social media to change behavior and drive higher engagement and awareness in the community. We will also uncover the role of the museum and the shifting attitudes of families with them.

Concepts that will be recommended by the IPRO team will have the opportunity to be tested by the museum. Successful tests will potentially be implemented as solutions that can be demonstrated to increase the museum’s  membership base.

IPRO team members with a technical and business focus will be expected to leverage data that institutions can access about the audience through social media and other sources of big data. The IPRO team will be expected to develop recommendations that are either 1:1(individual) or 1: many (broader demographic) engagements.

Teams within the IPRO class will be guided through the innovation process that begins with problem/opportunity definition and research, identifying driving insights, brainstorming and iterative prototyping with user feedback.

Overall Class Structure:
1. Problem framing and gleaning actionable insights from large unstructured data (3 weeks)
2. Conceptualizing and testing relevant recommendations (6 weeks)
3. Developing final solution (6 weeks)

Students will be provided:
1. Competitive Research on other institutions that are in the edutainment space
2. Inspirational Research that helps student understand what solutions are possible
3. Access to the museum
4. Kohl Children’s Museum Leadership check-in’s to ensure that the right solutions are being developed.

Course Downloads:

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