Spring 2018 – 497-308: Red Line Extension Project: Enabling Community Engagement & Neighborhood Development

Meeting Days/Time
Tuesdays/Thursdays from 6:25 to 7:40 pm
In collaboration with the Red Line Extension Coalition, the Red Line Extension Round Table and the 95th Street Panel of Development
William Briggs (CAEE) (wbriggs@iit.edu) and Steve Beck (CAEE) (sbeck.creo@gmail.com)
Social Innovation
Appropriate Majors
All interested students are welcome

The Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) is extending the Red Line Train from 95th Street south with stops at 103rd Street, 111th Street and 115th Street, ending at 130th and the Bishop Ford Freeway. The Greater Roseland Community will be affected by this change. Therefore, the CTA, Chicago politicians, the Greater Roseland Community (GRC) leaders and other stakeholders are now involved with the future development of the GRC neighborhoods surrounding the Red Line extension. One of these organizations is called the Red Line Extension Coalition (RLEC). RLEC has taken the initiative in bringing all stakeholders together into one group now called “The Red Line Extension Round Table.” Although the Round Table is part of the GRC, it is agreed by the RLEC to use the 95th Street stop as a template for developing the GRC. However, some feel that the project in whole should be considered.

The IPRO project objectives will be to assist the RLEC and the Red Line Extension Round Table in:

  1. Advocating for the Red Line Extension Project.
  2. Promoting walkability for adults, youth and adolescents throughout the GRC.
  3. Setting up programs that educate participating community members in home remodeling, community development and redevelopment, acquiring properties and developing businesses.
  4. Working with Transit Orientated Development (TOD) in designing and beautifying the GRC business/shopping district.
  5. Increasing revenue in the GRC.
  6. Working with The Law Project in creating a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) as part of a Community Benefit Agreement (CBA) for the GRC.

The IPRO team will help to create a program that will allow for the development/redevelopment of the GRC through land development, home remodeling, business development and education. It will be possible to research programs of the City of Chicago for investing capital funds to develop communities, improve walkability in the GRC and create job training programs for people living in the GRC.

The Red Line Extension project is on-going and is estimated to be completed by 2026. However, the RLEC and the Round Table hope to have the following in place as soon as possible:

  • Improved shopping/business district on 95th Street and Michigan Avenue within the GRC
  • Educational programs that will develop the job skills of people living in the community, including painters, plasterers, floor installers, creating new businesses, developing old businesses, etc.
  • Programs that will offer people who live in the community safe, quality, low-cost homes.
  • The redevelopment of the medical district with improved facilities.
  • Walkability throughout the GRC for all who live, work, visit and worship in the area.
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