497-307: Creating an IIT Digital Twin

Meeting Day & Time
Friday 9:40 AM-12:30 PM
Ankit Srivastava & Mohammad Heidarinejad

This IPRO is a follow up of the Fall 2021 IPRO, and the focus of this IPRO is on developing digital twins of the IIT campus. Students will utilize iPads equipped with low-cost Lidar sensors to create the digital twins of the campus. Students from different disciplines, ranging from architecture, engineering, computer science and engineering will deploy different software packages, including but not limited to AutoDesk ReCap, AutoDesk Revit, Blender, Cloud Compare, Rhino, and Open3D package in Python to construct points cloud data in a 3D map space for campus buildings. This IPRO will focus on creating, collecting, and combining the 3D data which will form the foundational layer of the digital twin. Your team will be responsible for parts of the following tasks:

  1. Take scans using different iPad apps and import the points cloud data of the campus buildings in digital twins
  2. Import the GIS data of the campus available in open source repositories such as the Open Street Maps
  3. Leverage existing mechanical and architectural drawings of campus buildings in addition to the digital twins to develop Building Information Models (BIMs) for buildings
  4. Extend the BIM model to infer knowledge about the mechanical systems such as the air distribution systems and piping systems
  5. Use the digital twins to automatically create floor plans and 3D vector drawings of the buildings on campus (especially when such data is not easily available with Facilities)
  6. Create apps and software for the visualization of this basic digital twin of IIT
  7. Utilize reality headsets (e.g., Oculus or Hololenses) to walk through different aspects the digital twins for engineering applications such as inspecting the mechanical systems

Depending on the interests, further data layers such as telecommunication network data, building information data, Wi-Fi data, and material properties data could be added to the digital twins. The digital twin will also explore visualization capabilities of this virtual IIT model through apps on smartphones and software on computers.

The instructors will provide guidance on how to work through the steps of problem-solving from the perspective of different disciplines. Teams will also need to identify stakeholders that would benefit from potential solutions.

Interested students can review the IPRO 2021 YouTube Channel:


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