497-307: Innovating Senior Housing to Improve Quality of Life & Sustainability

Meeting Days/Time
Mondays 6:25 to 9:05 pm
Bob Pontarelli (ID) (bob@cbarts.com)
Appropriate Majors
All interested students are welcome
Social Innovation

According to Harry Dent, financial consultant and author of the book The Demographic Cliff, as well as many others, the demand for senior housing over the next ten years may barely be met based upon current and anticipated demand forecasts, given the aging of the Baby Boom population.

This IPRO project will seek to answer the question: What new approaches to senior housing design might be explored, given the challenges in providing sustainable environmental design versus economics? In this context as well, how might senior housing be made more financially accessible to those least able to afford what is currently considered as a moderately high-quality living environment?

This IPRO team will explore innovative living arrangements that might make a new level for a quality living environment more financially accessible to senior housing inhabitants. The team will explore and develop ideas for cohabitation that harmonize intergenerational and interdisciplinary populations in fairly close proximity to one another. This may be envisioned for a single site or a single building, and the team will rely on its research to define the parameters of an ideal location that can lead to identifying an actual candidate location and experimental model. For example, it may be determined based upon demographic data in the Chicago area that a large vacant office building in a suburban campus setting may be best suited for a senior housing concept.

This IPRO should have broad appeal to students majoring in architecture, business, engineering, biology and social sciences.

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