497-111 Internet of Meaningful Things

Jaime Rivera
Monday 10am-12:40pm
Appropriate Majors
All interested students are welcome.

We are in a transition to increased speed and reliability of internet access with the implementation of 5G networks with stable connections of more than 1Gb per second. These new technologies will introduce unprecedented ways to interact and connect with different information systems that have been dysfunctional and unintegrated until now. These systems include smart homes, autonomous cars, shared working and living spaces among others. The boundaries are not yet clear but can be integrated under the macro-notion of smart cities, smart villages and everything in between.

The information that we can share within these contexts, form factors, and activities during this transition is open for innovation and paradigm shifts. Under this background of uncertainty, the question beyond the technical challenges is: How can we create meaningful interactions for the new IoT that can improve our society with a positive impact in the future? 

This class will explore these new possibilities, proposing and exploring future scenarios where technology has the potential to facilitate human interactions to solve real problems that society is facing now, those which threaten our quality of life in the coming years.

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