497-108: Digital Service Design Workshop

Date and Time
Tuesdays 6:25pm-9:05pm
Martin Schray (online), Jenni Schneiderman (on-campus)

Please note students will have the choice at the start of the semester to take this course as an online course or an in-person course.

This course

  • Fulfills the IPRO course learning objectives by learning and applying innovation strategies, user-centered design methodology and prototype a digital service.
  • Students work in small interdisciplinary teams to conceive and design a simple but viable and compelling digital service.

What is a service?  A service is an intangible product we experience in time through multiple points of interaction and channels (web, mobile, etc). You’ve likely used digital services like Spotify, Hulu, Netflix, Gmail, Google Drive or OneDrive.


What makes a good service?  We believe that good services will:

  • Solve for a real user need and address a real market (should be attractive to an existing company, venture fund, or NGO);
  • Use existing, accessible data;
  • Are intuitive for the user, i.e., you do not need to read a long manual to understand how to use it;
  • Solve a discreet problem (confirming I have an appointment with my doctor) not a high-level problem (helps me with all aspects of my health); and
  • Do not require a major advance in coding or computer science in order to be viable.
Digital service design naturally leverages the skills of students majoring in such fields as computer science, information technology and management, professional and technical communication, architecture, psychology and business, but the class will be interesting and relevant to all disciplines. Students interested in design, entrepreneurship, prototyping, and web and app development are encouraged to sign up.


Course Downloads:

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