497-105: Data-Driven Products and Services: Developing New Business Concepts using User-Centered Design Methods (Cancelled)

Meeting Days/Time
Thursdays from 1:50 to 4:30 pm
Eric Deaton (ID) (ericldeaton@gmail.com)
Appropriate Majors
Business Innovation

CANCELLED — Please consider IPRO 497-104 which can incorporate the same content as IPRO 497-105 for those interested in doing so.

Illinois Tech students in most degree programs are exposed to data and analytics in a variety of courses. Over the course of their studies, many students conceive of innovative applications of data and analytics that might be developed and then taken to market. These applications might involve novel use of Machine Learning, Predictive Analytics, the Internet of Things, Text Analytics or any of a wide variety of other emerging technologies related to Data Science, Big Data or Advanced Analytics.

This IPRO class offers students an opportunity to learn user-centered design methods, then apply these methods to develop a product or service they had been interested in pursuing or wish to develop in collaboration with other students on a team. This IPRO section will be organized in small interdisciplinary teams that are self-directed by team members themselves.  Each team is guided through the development process, from opportunity identification through concept screening and the user-centered iterative concept development process. The teams will gain experience in organizing and delivering a pitch that conveys their concepts to a variety of audiences.

Students from any discipline that uses data and analytics are welcome to join this IPRO, as well as other students who are interested in developing an understanding of how data and analytics are used in various professions. A deep, technical understanding of math and computer science is not required. What is important is the curiosity and motivation to learn more about and apply analytics within a student’s field of interest.

A number of guests with deep experience in the development and marketing of analytics will join the class from time to time through the semester. They will not only enrich the experience of the students by sharing their expertise, but will also provide input and feedback to broaden thinking that can be helpful in innovating concepts and achieving project success.

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