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Ready to submit your final project deliverables?

Project Details and Deliverable Submissions

In order for us to be able to develop exhibit materials as well as distribute content with our partners, it is necessary that all teams submit their project deliverables by April 27th.

Exhibit Space

  • Each team will have a tabletop space approximately 2’ x 4’ in size with access to power. 

  • Be creative with the space – they have to stand out. You’re encouraged to build prototypes!!!

  • Teams are asked to fill out this form to help with booth placement planning (unique presentation requirements, extra tablespace exception requests, etc.) Forms will not be accepted after Friday, November 25, 2022.


Exhibit Set-up Time

  • Team exhibit setup will begin at 8 AM, please take advantage of this as technical challenges will not be attended to after 9 AM.


  • Teams are encouraged to bring their own displays (computer monitors).

  • We will have a limited number of TV screens for teams which will be allocated via a lottery system.



The IPRO office is offering vouchers for teams to print 24” x 36” posters that can be mounted to foam core. Note:

  • Please visit the Kaplan Welcome desk for a voucher to print your poster at the MTCC Post Office.

  • Teams are allowed to print two posters per project.

  • Foam core will be available at the Idea Shop the week of April 18, 2022



  • Teams will give a 3-5 minute pitch to judges followed by 2-3 minutes of Q/A

Judging Rubric

Teams will be judged using the following criteria

  1. Solution: How creative and differentiated was the solution? Does it appropriately address the defined challenge? 

  2. Validation: Did the team demonstrate having explored opportunities to quickly validate their solution?  (e.g., brainstorming, experimental design/testing, scientific method, user-centered design, iterative prototyping, survey research, business planning)

  3. Impact: Did the team convey (and perhaps quantify) the impact the project can have on a community, market, sponsor, industry or profession?

  4. Implementation: Did the team communicate a realistic plan on how to implement the solution (timeline, cost, resources)?

  5. Communication: Did the team effectively communicate their project idea and engage with you (visual and verbal)?

Team Booth Assignments

Check your team’s booth assignment here early next week! 

Purchasing Materials

Students can now use the university purchasing system, BuyIt, to shop for materials they need for their IPRO projects. 

Purchasing Guidelines

  • Under essential spending guidelines, reimbursements will not be approved.
  • All items purchased by the IPRO Department for IPRO student projects must be returned to KI at the end of the semester except for any consumables.
  • There are many suppliers within the BuyIt system! Students should try and find the right supplier for their needs and never default to ordering from Amazon.
  • All purchases will be sent to the student/team’s faculty for approval before they are ordered.

Idea Shop

Illinois Tech’s Idea Shop, housed in the Kaplan Institute, helps to ignite ideas with cutting-edge tools to enable students to transform their designs, products, and inventions into reality.

Visit to see hours of operation and learn about the equipment in the shop!

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