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What kind of projects will be part of the IPRO workshop?
1. One option will be choosing from a set of predefined projects. One example would be helping to develop a digital, physical simulator for the model railroad club. If you would like to propose an IPRO project idea of your own please reach out to us at ipro@iit.edu.


2. The other option will be student driven projects based on the theme presented by a community partner or outside partner company. This will allow you to develop a project you care about. For example, in the Energy IPRO students may work to develop social and community policies for AI-driven energy conservation.


Are these new workshop IPROs the same as an iCourse? 
No. iCourse is currently still in the pilot phase and is different from the new IPRO course model. An iCourse is a regular course offered through an IIT department that has been certified with an “I” designation (similar to C designation for Communications requirements). It will be a course that will fulfill half of your IPRO requirements (three credits worth. The other three will have to come from an official IPRO like one of the seven that will be offered this fall.) There is a plan to pilot a few of these in the Fall semester but they will not be listed as IPROs. More information about iCourses will be available in the Fall.


If I am on a “hands on” team will I only interact with other “hands on teams”?
No. There will be many opportunities for critique, presentation, and interaction between all of the teams. Yes… your approach will allow you to work in a “hands on” way but you will interact frequently with students taking a different approach.

What size is a team?
A team will be between 3 to 5 people. 2 is too small. More than 5 is too large.

Don’t hands on teams have to do more work since they are building things outside of class and research and theory is just looking stuff up during class?
Well… this is not an accurate way to describe research. Faculty will ensure that workload is comparable. Rigorous research takes as much time or more than building a prototype.


How will grading work? You said it will be more consistent?
We are currently collecting best practices from our faculty and will have the details worked out before the fall semester. At a higher level, however, we are basing assessment on achievement of the learning outcomes. You can see the draft rubric here. Please know this is still in draft form – the general direction of the outcomes will not change but some of the language may change and be refined.
As additional questions come up we will post the answers here.

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