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August 2, Thursday morning, Ms. Shen Jiapei, Supervisor, International Affairs BIT, conducted the closing ceremony for our IIT/IPRO Study Abroad Program at BIT. She gave a compelling speech about our BIT/IIT International Study Abroad Program, the first in our relationship and the importance of its continuation. We heard from our student Amna Bhatti, as she answered several questions from Ms. Shen in very convincing Mandarin. I think we were all very impressed. Another student, Joo Minhyuk (or Matt), showed a wonderful video he had put together looking back at our experiences here at BIT. Look for a post in the future when I’m able to upload his marvelous video, and you can share the sense of being here with us even more than these blog posts.

Ms. Qu Hua, Managing Director of IIT Beijing, gave a beautiful and heartfelt talk about the experience of traveling abroad and how that enriches the lives of all of us, both traveler and host. The time she has spent in Germany was not only helpful for her personally, but also benefitted the people she interacted with as they got to know someone from China and didn’t have to rely on outdated stories.

Also in attendance was our wonderful Chinese Language Teacher and Guide, Ms. Zhang Juan. Even though she did not make a speech it was easy to see the admiration that the students felt for her and all her efforts in enhancing the experience of their stay. Jocelyn, also of the IIT Beijing office, was there to help us acknowledge our accomplishments and the new friendships we have made.

Ms. Shen Jaipei, Supervisor, International Affairs, Office of International Students, Beijing Institute of Technology

Jacob adds to the levity of the closing ceremony.

Amna speaks Mandarin most impressively!

Master Zhang, Chinese Language Teacher, Office of International Students, Beijing Institute of Technology

Vincent contributes his thoughts as he reflects on his experiences here.

Matt was videographer and editor of a wonderful “look back” video of our experience in Beijing. (He even looks like a movie producer, and it turns out… he is!)

Ms Qu Hua, Managing Director of IIT, Beijing, shares her personal experiences with travel and urges us to treasure ours.

Excellent job Matt.

Way to go Vincent.

Beautiful, Pranjal.

Divya, you earned this!

Ashma, just great!

Amna, nicely done!

Jacob, well done!

Excellent Katie!

Steven, just super!

We are all very proud, and should be, of working together, playing together, building international relationships and continuing our education! Missing from this ceremony is Tony Wu who needed to fly out a day early. Tony is a wonderful part of our class.

Lasting friendships are formed.

Group hug!!!

Hua and Jocelyn take us to celebrate. This place is really nice. Thanks Hua and Jocelyn!!!

Chinese barbecue is such fun.

…and delicious too!

Ultimately, words and pictures fail to express what we have experienced and what we feel in our hearts. We are very grateful for this opportunity created by two very fine centers of education, Illinois Institute of Technology & Beijing Institute of Technology. And of course, to each other, for the social environment that makes our experiences worthwhile.


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