Chinese Calligraphy with Master Zhang Hong

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August 1, Wednesday afternoon, we were honored with a class in Chinese Calligraphy (zhōng guó shū fǎ). Master Zhang was kind enough to not only teach us basics but also to give each student personalized attention, which I believe helped us very much. Master Zhang began the class with a philosophy lesson that comes from the Taoist Philosophy, Chinese calligraphy is best accomplished when we have inner peace. So we all practiced our inner peace meditation while we were practicing our calligraphy.

Master Zhang Hong

Learning how to hold the brush

The ink is made from the soot of a specific wood.

Master Zhang makes calligraphy look kind of easy. That is, until you try it.

Vincent pays close attention.

Katie is getting some coaching.

The students are really concentrating.

Looking good Divya

“Inner peace… inner peace…”

These really are works of art!

Looking good, Katie!

Hold the brush correctly.


Success, Divya!

Well done, Katie.

Looks great, Steven!

Our left handed calligrapher finds a way to success.

Put on the finishing touch to make it official!

On a roll Divya!

Very nice Ashma. Isn’t that the word for water?

Great Jacob!

Ah, simplicity itself Vincent.

Bold Matt.

So pretty Amna!

Perfect Tony!

Amazing Pranjal!

We would like to thank Master Zhang Hong today for helping us to have a better understanding of Chinese Culture, Chinese Calligraphy, and pointing us in the right direction toward inner peace!

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