Summer Palace in the Summer Heat

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July 25, Wednesday afternoon, the class visited the Summer Palace today as part of our learning about Chinese culture program. It was a rare ‘blue sky’ day which was fabulous, yet the summer heat made concentrating on anything something of a challenge. We were able to learn that when the French were in in China in the nineteenth century, they destroyed many Buddhist structures and temples. The temples were, however, lovingly restored and that is why we are able to see them today. One such Buddhist temple is called “Wisdom Temple”, at the Summer Palace, which we visited and it was wonderful to see. It is a working temple today and is elaborately decorated with colorful tiles.

Please enjoy this walk through the Summer Palace in the cool of wherever you happen to be.

This is where we entered the Summer Palace.


This small lake is surrounded by ornate buildings.


A grand gateway.


These grounds have an interesting green ground cover. I can’t identify it.


A detail of one of the many lions on the Palace grounds.


I think this structure is Buddhist.


The corners of these classical building have a series of figures. I believe they are characters of a well known story.


Another detail of a the kind of classical architecture you see at preserved and restored sites in Beijing. The nested carpentry structures you can see in the roof line actually allow for movement durning earthquakes.


Our ‘Lion’s Pride’ stopped for a well needed rest on this terribly hot day.


More Buddhist structures.


One of our leaders, Ms. Zhang, helps us find our way.




Wisdom Temple


A detail of the amazing tile.


Views of Wisdom Temple


The large Buddha inside the temple.


Tony and Katie




Taking pictures by the large lake.


Lotus plants are considered good luck in China. We found many here. The architecture makes quite an impression on the landscape.


We have enjoyed our visit to the Summer Palace. We would like to express our gratitude to Ms. Zhang for arranging our visit and being our guide!!!

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