Shanghai for the weekend!

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Ashma, Divya and I took the bullet train to Shanghai for a weekend adventure. We got in late Friday night and checked into our hostel. Saturday morning is when the real adventure began. We first met up with our Irish friend who is also studying at BIT for the month. The first place on our list was the famous Yu Garden-which was beautiful. We then walked all around Shanghai, and saw many things, such as, People’s Garden, Nanjing Road, The French Garden, and the most famous skyline view from The Bund. We walked a total of 11.6 miles on Saturday. On Sunday there was a typhoon :/ but that didn’t stop the fun. We spent part of the day at the Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibit. Which does not sound like an exciting name, but honestly it was one of the most interesting museums I’ve been too. I learned a lot about the history of Shanghai, and what I found even more interesting is what they have planned for the future. On Monday we went to a small water town called Qibao with lots of history. Overall we agreed that we love Shanghai and would definitely go back

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