Let the Prototyping Begin!

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Tuesday, July 24, our class began to prototype it’s product ideas. Prototyping is new for nearly everyone in the class. It’s a bit of a strange concept because we are so used to thinking about how products look when they are finished and on store shelves. A beginning prototype doesn’t have to be pretty, or work exactly right, it just has to help us think about the products we are developing.

Last ¬†Sunday, in preparation for prototyping, Renjie led many of us on a prototyping materials shopping adventure. We were able to get a few things that seemed like they would be useful, the rest we found online, and a couple things we’re just going to live without. However, we aren’t putting all our eggs in the 3D prototyping basket (so to speak). We realize that product sketching is important too, so we are rendering our product concepts in both 2D and 3D.

First let’s explore the shopping trip from last Sunday, and then the prototyping class we had today.

Our prototype materials shopping team.


“Ah yes, I need that.”

Distracted by the interesting… um… fruit, I guess it is.


Pizza Hut Peking Duck pizza. Where else but China?

Back to campus.

Break out the materials and get going!

Ashma starts with a critical component.

Steven and Ashma aren’t tired, they are demonstrating the inspiration for their product for sleeping on planes.

I think you got the tilt of the head just right.

Rengie leans in with the critical eye of the Industrial Designer.


Group work is what IPRO is all about.

Jake gets tutoring in sketching.

Focusing on the cut.

Learning new skills.

Sketching takes lots of concentration.

Say Tony, this is looking good!

I think I’m getting the idea here.

The Master takes his time.



I wish to thank the class for overcoming so many challenges associated with learning new skills and prototyping with a minimal support environment. Also, thank you Renjie for teaching sketching skills and coaching ways to think about prototyping!



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