Dan & Renjie check out the Beijing Art Zone

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Saturday, July 21, our adventuresome IPRO instructors head out to find some contemporary art. Renjie has heard of a place called 798 Art Zone. Here is a description from Wikipedia:

“798 Art Zone or Dashanzi Art District, comprise a complex of 50-year-old decommissioned military factory buildings boasting a unique architectural style, located in Dashanzi, Chaoyang District of Beijing, that houses a thriving artistic community.”

This is one of the entrances to 798.

Those parasols are quite practical in the heat of this Beijing summer.


As soon as you see all the large scale public sculpture you realize that this is a really fun place to be.


I think public sculpture is one of my favorite art formzzz.


Big roundy bronze sculpture.

This is an entire museum dedicated to the work Zhu Bingren.

Artist Zhu is a 4th generation copper working artist.

This guy is fantastic. Just look how playful he is with his work on the outside of the museum.

Torso. Which is gorgeous.

Zhu has so many different styles of work. Intricate and structured, freeform and natural, organic and symbolic. This guys is great!

I think this is a wheat field.

An amazing vase.

He has a whole series of these tea cup saucers.

This elephant is porcelain and copper. Who doesn’t like elephants? And that elephant has a pretty happy smile!

Open your heart! That is got to be what art is about. Even the graffiti is cool here.

Hyundai has an interesting museum here.

This installation is really cool. This wall has a matrix of arial photographs that slowly dissolve in to fractal patterns. Or, that’s what it looks like.

This is boat. I don’t know why. But it’s a nice boat.

These are Himalayan salt bricks. What has happened in other installations of this exhibit, is that they sell the bricks to help out people in need, from that region I think. Then they video tape the pyramid of bricks shrinking as they are sold.

One of my favorite things. My two year-old granddaughter is really into dinosaurs right now. I think she would really love seeing these huge dinosaurs in the cages.

So cool that they have kid artists here. China art rocks!

Different gallery. Not sure what this is but pretty interesting.

Rat sculpture and pedistal. Wood. Carved from a log.

More public sculpture. Loving this place!

Okay, my phone says it’s 97 degrees F. Renjie and I get an ice cream cone, but here’s the thing. Can you eat it before it starts to drip all over your hand? I couldn’t.

This is Linda’s Gallery and it is fun!

Way cool painting.

Appreciators of great art.

Whoa… Shiny!


This cat sculpture is pretty happy.

Renjie snaps a photo. Nice choice Renjie!

I have to say goodbye to Linda’s Gallery, but so much fun to visit.

Time for a selfie! This is in a portrait gallery. I think the bust is of the artist.

This is an art museum about mirrors (and breaking them).

Ah, the never ending fascination of seeing “me”!

Last photo. This is a picture of the artist, mirror smasher, attached to a mirror. Apparently, mirrors everywhere quake when he come around.




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