Chinese Paper Cutting with Peng Meiqin

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Wednesday, July 18, afternoon, in our Chinese Culture class we are introduced to the Art of Chinese Paper Cutting. There is, apparently, a very long standing tradition of artistic paper cutting in China. Our teacher, Ms. Peng, is well versed in this art form and showed amazingly intricate examples. She took her time and explained well the technique of using paper, pencil and scissors to produce wonderful art. She started us off with fairly simple designs. I would say that most of us were probably operating at the level of Pre-K as we did our best to mark the paper and make our cuts. There was probably some frustration during the afternoon, but fortunately no tears. And, it seems a few students in the class showed an amazing propensity for this delicate art form. It made me wonder that this might not be there first time, but I’ll let you decide that. Chinese paper cutting brings happiness and good fortune into our lives.

Ms. Peng introduces the IPRO class to common symbols and the meanings contained and expressed by artistic paper cuts.

Our class listens intently to Instructor Peng as she introduces the art form of Chinese paper cutting.

Our first project: Xi Zi. This shape represents good fortune in marriages. It reflects the harmony between Dragon and Phoenix (man and woman).

Steven has paper folding down to a science.

I was surprised that we marked the paper freehand; this was going to be even more challenging than I thought!

Ashma shows her concentration in paper cutting.

Vincent was quiet and focused for the entire class. I hope he didn’t find our laughter at our own beginning efforts too disruptive.

Ashma shows off her success!

Innovative display Steven!

Matt’s example looks very artistic. Have you done this before?

Somehow Jacob’s example looks like a modern take on the design.

Ah, the master. Nice job Vincent!

I think we’ve got some seriously proud paper cutters among us. Very impressive too Pranjal!

Seriously nice flower Tony!

Paper cutting is tricky business, sometimes you just cut from the wrong end.

Pranjal, are you getting into some Vedic design? I thought this was Chinese paper cutting!

Ms. Peng is telling us to be carful when shaping the head of the Panda design (Xiong mao).

Success for Katie and Pranjal.

Amna shows us how it’s done.

Divya’s Panda seems abstract, as if to say, “panda-ness”.

Hey Matt, not a Panda. I suspect you are showing off your skill with scissors.

Nicely done Jacob! Extra points for the tee shirt.

Great class in Chinese Culture, the Art of Paper Cutting. Thank you Ms. Peng!






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