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Wednesday, July 18, our IIT IPRO students attended their first Chinese language study class as part of the Summer 2018 Study Abroad program. We are extremely fortunate to have Language Master Zhang Juan as our teacher. She has the the ability to reduce the anxiety of learning such a complex topic through humor, logic and an emotionally comforting communication style.

Ashma and Steven enjoy Master Zhang’s teaching style

We appreciated the name cards so we knew how to pronounce our own names in Chinese. That makes the class a little more fun.

The students become engaged as the teacher begins the lesson

Matt seems confident that he can learn quickly!

Somehow we get the impression that the Chinese language is nothing new for Tony (and Vincent too!)

We start with the basics. Seems like the right place to start.

Wrapped attention

Pranjal attempts pronunciation. Fast learner!

Amna listens intently

We wish to thank our teacher for her patience and her skillful teaching style to help us get started with learning the Chinese language of Mandarin!

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