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Sunday, July 15, the class decided to do a little sightseeing. Renjie selected a most auspicious location for us to see and we were off. According to the official web site:

“Yuanmingyuan is located in Haidian District, the western suburb of Beijing, and is adjacent with Summer Palace. Firstly built in the 46th year during Emperor Kangxi’s reign (1707), Yuanmingyuan is composed of three gardens: Yuanmingyuan, Changchunyuan and Qichunyuan.”

It’s always fun to start a new adventure. Here we are in the “tube” waiting for our train to come.

It was a ton of fun just being on an outing together. We took an easy subway ride north and we were quickly there. Thank you to Renjie for guiding us through the subway system and even buying our tickets! It was a very hot and humid day so we all moved at a stately pace. These gardens are the place to go to see the Lotus flower. There are many small, connected lakes where thousands of these flowers grow (they are aquatic flowers) and you can even take a boat ride, so we did. After visiting the park we stopped for lunch and then returned to BIT.


Riding the subway to Yuanmingyuan Park.


In the park, but now it’s time to get entrance tickets. That would be Renjie getting the tickets. It would be much more troublesome without him.


Tickets in hand, we are ready to go.


Katie’s got the map.


Wenshu Ting temple information.


The temple is an eight sided building. Amazing it’s still standing after all these years.


Interior view of the roof structure. Pretty impressive carpentry.


Another view of the temple. I think Vincent approves.


This door detail is pretty nice. Such attention to detail.


This is a detail of ceiling and wall. It’s almost unbelievable the intricacy and bright color of the design.


Outside the temple is this fish sculpture. I don’t know it’s significance, but that fish tail looks suspiciously stylized to me.


We stop to pose and get our pictures taken by the Lotus flowers. This is Ashma.








Just hanging out by the Lotus field of flowers.


The Lotus flowers really are quite lovely.


Even as the petals fall, they stll look beautiful.


Steven takes a breather and Tony joins in for a laugh.


There are maps posted around the park. Good for general way finding.


It’s finally time to go the boats. Only 20 Yuan rmb, I think that about $3 USD.


On the boat, there’s a slight breeze, which is very welcome. Divya bought a fan, pretty smart!


First the boats travel along the Lotus flowers, then they go out into the larger part of the lake.



At one point, we stopped and transferred to a smaller boat.


Boat riding was pretty fun. Just sit and watch the scenery… and tell jokes of course.


We had a great time in the park. The scenery was great, the flowers were beautiful, and the company was fantastic!

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