First Full Day!

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First full day in Beijing: Due to the jet lag I was up early and decided to go for a run. Turns out the track and soccer stadium were part of the 2008 Olympics! Later that morning we had a cultural lesson and were given a tour of the campus.
Side note: Did you know that in order to try and prevent traffic, there are traffic restrictions. Which means that on certain days of the week only cars with the specific license plate can be on the road.
After the tour we had our first product development class. And then after that we were treated to another massive dinner! It was considered Chinese barbecue, but again there were still so many vegetarian options, such as garlic egg plant, soup, seaweed salad, spicy mushrooms, peanut salad, and even more! After we ate all that we decided to walk it off at Shichahai and around Beihai lake. I’m having a blast and honestly I still wake up and am in shock that I’m in China!!

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