Daily Archives: July 10, 2018

Opening Ceremony

BeijingComments Off on Opening Ceremony

Ms. Wang Ying, Director of the Office of International Studies at the Beijing Institute of Technology, hosted our Opening Ceremonies for our 2018 BIT-IIT...   Read More

Learning how to use chopsticks!

KatieComments Off on Learning how to use chopsticks!

The concentration it takes to use chopsticks! But I think I have it down!  

First Full Day!

KatieComments Off on First Full Day!

First full day in Beijing: Due to the jet lag I was up early and decided to go for a run. Turns out the...   Read More

Orientation at BIT

BeijingComments Off on Orientation at BIT

We had a fun and informative orientation at BIT with two special guides, “Lewis” and “Emma”. It was really great; we found places to...   Read More

Night time in Beijing

AshmaComments Off on Night time in Beijing

As we were heading inside, we saw a long line of kites in the air – which kind of reminded me of a dragon.....   Read More

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