• IPRO Department Updates

    Beginning March 23rd, all IPRO classes will be administered virtually until further notice. IPRO Day is not yet cancelled, but a final decision will be made by March 27th. The class faculty will communicate with further details, although students can feel free to initiate that communication with any specific questions. We recommended to the faculty that they use Google Hangouts or Blackboard Collaborate to interact with students during class time. The Idea Shop use policies have been updated and can be found on the website, Idea Shop Wiki . We will work with the instructors to ensure that the highest quality of instruction is still provided to students. The structure of these classes will change, but students will still have the opportunity to finish meaningful projects within their IPRO classes.

    Here is an example of how some of the larger workshop classes will run: a video will be posted on blackboard, much like the pitch introductory talk that outlines the goals for the week. Then student teams will be invited to specific meeting times to interact with their instructor. The deliverable schedule will largely remain the same, but the instructors will work with the teams to come to a reasonable final project. Again, students should feel free to contact their instructors.

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