IPRO Updates

Our preparations for the return of IPRO in Fall 2020 include but are not limited to:

       No in-person classes will be more than 40 students.

       Classes will be held, one at a time, in Tellabs (KI 107) or other appropriate location.

       Teams will be 3 or 4 students. Each team will have their own large table.

       There will be no large gatherings on the pitch

       We will use the large monitor as a “flight status guide”. Students should read the monitor and proceed to their appropriate table.

       There will be a PA system for Tellabs to help with class organization.

       Students and faculty will wear masks while in class.

       Do not invite guests to class. Outside experts should be engaged using Zoom.

       There will be a virtual “innovation day” at the end of the semester for teams that want to share their projects.

       Most IPRO classes will be hybrid. If you must have an online class please put yourself on the waitlist for the class below. The registration system will be updated shortly and we will expand the class to accommodate students that need to take an online IPRO. CRN 13062 / IPRO 497 – 108 / T 6:25pm-9:05pm / Schray, Martin; Brandenburg, Thomas, plus other faculty to be added

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