Join us for IPRO Day – Spring 2014!

Fri, April 25, 9:00am – 3:00pm
Hermann Hall, IIT, 3241 South Federal Street,
Chicago, Illinois, 60616

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The Interprofessional Projects (IPRO) Program organizes undergraduate students from IIT’s colleges as multidisciplinary teams to work on complex, open-ended projects to tackle the challenges of our times. Guided by faculty members from diverse fields, IPRO teams may be focused to infrastructure planning, product and process innovation, renewable energy and sustainability, service learning and community development. The IPRO Day event is the culmination of IPRO team work via exhibits and presentations. For Summer 2013, 12 unique IPRO teams will showcase and share their accomplishments. Professionals from the Chicago area are invited to serve as judges and welcome to attend as guests.

IPRO Day Collage

IPRO Day – Spring 2013

Over 55 unique student teams from the Spring 2013 semester exhibited their work at the IPRO Day competition on Friday, April 26th, 2013.

IPRO 334 UFlexLabIIT (Track 6 & Video winners) celebrating with their medals

Friday, April 26, 2013 marked the culmination of the fall semester’s Interprofessional projects (IPRO). More than 55 teams exhibited and presented their semester-long work. Dedicated panels of workplace professionals faculty and graduate students spent the day judging the IPRO Projects, and voted on the best exhibits and presentations.

We’d like to thank all of our students, faculty, guests, judges and sponsors for making this the best IPRO Day yet!

IPRO Day Recognition Awards
Following the exhibits and presentations, IPRO Day participants gathered in Hermann Hall Auditorium for the closing Award’s Ceremony where the Top Tracks, Best Video and Dean’s Choice Awards were presented. Please see the rankings below:

Prototype display from IPRO 303 Wishmap, Winners of Track 5

Dean’s Choice Awards

College of Psychology Dean’s Choice Award
IPRO 305 – Serious Games for Rehabilitation

School of Applied Technology Dean’s Choice Award
IPRO 304 – Integration of Process Improvements

School of Architecture Dean’s Choice Award
IPRO 306 – Brick Making with Aggrebind & Flyash

College of Science and Letters Dean’s Choice Award
IPRO 372 – Open Source Construction

Stuart School of Business Dean’s Choice Award
IPRO 350 – ProSolutions: Prosthetic Solutions for the Working World

Best Video Award
IPRO 304 – Integration of Process Improvements
IPRO 334 – UFlexLabIIT: Undergraduate Flexible Research Lab Space at IIT
IPRO 372 – Open Source Construction
IPRO 375 – IceBox: Cool at School

Winner: IPRO 334 – UFlexLabIIT: Undergraduate Flexible Research Lab Space at IIT

IPRO 361 (Track 4 winners) discussing their digital/tangible boardgame project: Gangplank!

Track Winners

Track 1: Business & Manufacturing Process Improvement
IPRO 326 – Process Improvements in Auto Electronics Manufacture

Track 2: Energy & Environmental Sustainability
IPRO 338 – Techno-Economics of Smart Grid Renewable Energy Technology

Track 3: Innovations in Urban Agriculture & Logistics
IPRO 375 – IceBox: Cool at School + Recycle v2.0

Track 4: Enhancing the Human Experience
IPRO 361 – Virtual Physical+Digital Gaming Collaboration that Bridges the Generations (GangPlank!)

Track 5: Improving Community
IPRO 303 – WishMap

Track 6: New Initiatives in Teaching & Learning
IPRO 334 – UFlexLabIIT: Undergraduate Flexible Research Lab Space at IIT

Track 7: Interprofessional by Design 1 (IPRO 2.0)
IPRO 01C1 – SafeRide

Track 8: Interprofessional by Design 2 (IPRO 2.0)
IPRO 02D1 – Coach-Me2